• Wireless Wildlife team fitting a rhino tracking device.
  • KNP crocodile research project.
  • Tiger fish tagged for the WRG, WRC fish tracking project in the Kruger National Park.
  • Wireless Wildlife ULTRA range tracking plane tracking animals up to 30km away.
  • Zimbabwe research project.
  • Buffalo GPS collar being fitted.
  • Yellow fish tagged in KNP.
  • Rhino GPS tracking and 24 hr security unit being installed.
  • Rhino recovering after GPS device installation.
  • Wireless Wildlife tracking plane launched to download data.
  • KZN Crowned Eagle research project: Eagle just fitted with a GPS long range download device.
  • KZN Genet research project: Genet just collared with GPS long range download device.
  • Rhino GPS device installation.

Wireless Wildlife

Wireless Wildlife is an affiliated company of YRless International (Pty) Ltd that has been designing, developing and distributing wildlife tracking products for the past 11 years.

Our products have successfully been deployed in all of sub-Sahara African countries as well as areas such as the far east, the Americas and Asia.

All Wireless Wildlife products are developed, manufactured and serviced inhouse, enabling us to provide affordable quality products to help conserve and protect our wildlife heritage. Please find our main product lines described below. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific project requirements for us to propose the best solution.


Telephone: (+27) 18 293 1291 | Faks: (+27) 86 694 0896